When making a decision to purchase a pool or spa, consider these things:

  • Budget
  • Lot size
  • Maintenance/Upkeep
  • Occupant(s)
  • Pool/ Spa size

You must also remember to consider the following:

  • Construction Requirements - Access to your property for equipment & machinery
  • Maintenance - Chemicals, filtration systems, cleaning agents/water testing
  • Options – Pool covers, heaters, pumps, water features/fountains, lighting, decking, landscaping, slides & accessories
  • Service Agreements & Warranties

A few of our most frequently asked questions:

I really want a pool but I’m not sure if my neighborhood will allow it - I own my home, what should I do?

First of all, we recommend locating a copy of your homeowner’s policy/agreement. Most developed neighborhoods have a specific set of HOA (Home Owners Association) guidelines that you agreed to abide by when you purchased your property. Homeowner’s policies often list provisions about pools and/or water feature construction. Please refer to this policy or contact your HOA architectural review committee with questions regarding pool placement and/or regulations. The process can be confusing, but our professionals will assist you every step of the way to ensure your pool complies with any and all HOA policies.

I have a smaller sized lot, an odd shaped lot, or a lot with uneven terrain - I don’t think a pool will fit…

You’d be surprised how many options are available for individuals with irregular shaped lots, small properties, or uneven terrain. Our specialists are capable of creating a variety of pools specifically designed to accommodate diverse property dimensions. It doesn’t take much space to integrate a lap pool, or even a wading pool if necessary. If a pool doesn’t fit, don’t forget about custom spa options! Since all of our pools/spas are designed (prior to construction), we can offer a variety of solutions guaranteed to fit seamlessly into your property.

How difficult is it to maintain a pool?

While technology hasn’t completely eliminated the need for pool maintenance, it has certainly made the task much easier. Automatic sanitizers add chlorine to your water and weekly testing is virtually effortless thanks to user friendly test kits that show when your pool needs chemical adjustments. Computerized systems efficiently control pumps by shutting them on/off on pre-programmed schedules. To forgo pool maintenance altogether, or if you plan to travel or own a vacation home, we offer weekly cleaning and maintenance programs where our specialists take care of everything! As always, when your new pool/spa is completed, our staff will demonstrate the proper way to clean, utilize, and program your pool equipment.

Why should I buy a concrete pool or spa versus a fiberglass, or pre-fabricated one?

Though fiberglass pools offer certain benefits like smoother finishes and ‘built in’ features, fiberglass pools can severely limit your construction and design possibilities. If you have challenging lot dimensions or unusual landscape grading, a custom built pool can eliminate the frustration of searching for a ‘pre-fab’ pool that will fit. Concrete pools/spas are extremely durable and can last indefinitely if properly cared for. Capable of enhancement with tile inlays, lighting, mosaics, water features, and anything else your heart desires, concrete pools are the epitome of affordable, customizable luxury.

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